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Thrive Business Solutions

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We help our clients generate new business through strategic marketing plans. For small to medium sized businesses who do not have the luxury of employing another worker, and all the employee relations costs associated, Thrive Business Solutions will help you to achieve your targets much more effeciently.

Thrive Business Solutions works at improving the organisations market position and achieve financial growth. Our role is to come along side our clients to provide long-term organisational strategic goals, builds key customer relationships, identifies business opportunities, negotiate and closes business deals and maintain extensive knowledge of current market conditions.

We work with your existing sales force to help compliment and ensure a greater efficiency of their time in establishing new business opportunities. To achieve this we work at a sales strategy to find potential new customers, present to them, ultimately convert them into clients, and continue to grow business in the future.

Sir Francis Bacon quote “Information is knowledge and knowledge is power” Without the correct up to date information about your customer including telephone, email and other important details the time it is taking to make contact with your prospective customers is wasted. Our customers are empowered when they have information with is current and new.

At Thrive we can work through your existing database and clean up your records for you, remove duplicates and tidy up your records.

Thrive Business Solutions provides results in setting appointments with key decision makers. There tends to be reluctance by many sales people to pick up the phone and call on a prospective customer. At Thrive, we have had a significant amount of experience getting around the gatekeeper between you and the person you want to meet. We can generally set an appointment after speaking with six-eight people. The end goal of setting appointments is providing the means for your internal sales people to meet with the prospect and discuss business opportunities.

Thrive Business Solutions has had over 20 years experience in the sales industry. We Thrive on using our extensive networks and industry knowledge in generating leads. There are many avenues to generate leads and this depends on the scope or expectation of the customer and their budget to meet these objectives. At Thrive we focus on various marketing avenues such as social media, direct mail, radio advertising and telemarketing to engage with prospective customers.

Each company and organisation is different and no two lead generation campaigns are ever the same.

Thrive Business Solutions has discovered that a satisfied customer will tend to tell another two or three people how a particular service provider has treated them. This level of feedback is particular true from the service sectors of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Real Estate and Hospitality. Repeat business is the key to success. At Thrive we partner with our clients and map out a short series of questions to ask customers about a particular service.

Surveys are a cost effective means in gathering data about a customer and seek to ask for a referral to another potential customer. At times the customer may disclose an area of the business that they may not have been satisfied in which case the client is able to make changes or make amends with their customer.


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